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Do you have a heart for Asia and want to help us where we find our greatest need? This fund makes that possible! The Love Asia Fund enables us to aid certain projects, meet small needs in a missionary’s support or complete a country support budget. It gives us flexibility and the ability to provide funds where needed most. [Click "Give Here" above]



Our missionaries across Asia are sent from FMCUSA to plant churches, train leaders and build servant partnerships across cultures that will enhance strategies to grow the church in Asia. A primary role is to work alongside the existing church, and help bridge a connection between FMCUSA and FMCAsia. Their work is indispensable.

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Church planting & Development

The Church Planting and Development Fund (CPD) for each country (or area) provides critical basic support to indigenous church planters and leaders. In some places the fund provides for specific training, coaching, and 'development' for leaders as well as churches and networks. In some cases, pastors and their families would have little or no support without this support.

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